Premium Quality Cotton Lungi For Men – 5.5 Hand

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The traditional lungi of Kumarkhali
5.5 hands (sewn)
Size: (height 50-54 “, length 98-100”)
Yarn: (64 * 100) Count
Sana: 180 Sana
Color mature, 100% cotton, soft and comfortable
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Towels and lungi of Kumarkhali weaving industry are now equally popular in the world market, at home, and abroad.

Kushtia’s Kumarkhali handloom industry is known all over the country. Added to that weaving industry is now the modern electric-powered weaving industry. As a result, the production here has increased several times. The quality of the products produced has also increased a lot. The demand for lungi-towels-towels made by the electric weaving industry has increased across the country.

These products are now going to different markets of the world including Saudi Arabia, America, India.

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Product Type: Lungi
Color: One Color
Country of Origin: Bangladesh
Gender: Men
Main Material: Cotton


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